Equipment used

Focal lengths are quoted at their 35mm equivalent as well as the actual.
This page is generally updated following gear changes, but it can be some time before I get round to it!

Currently I am using the Leica Q (Type )and Leica C (Type 112) cameras.
The full-frame Leica Q has a fixed 28mm f1.7 lens, and the Leica C has a 28-200mm fixed zoom lens and is pocketable. I also now own a D-Lux 109 which is proving to be a far better camera than I had previously thought and is getting an increasing amount of use!

Previously I have owned and used:

  • Leica Digilux2 with a fixed Leica D Vario-Summicron f2-f2.4 7-22.5mm (28-90mm) lens. Now a cult item, and much missed. Alas Leica have ceased to support this which is a shame but understandable.

  • Panasonic DMC-L1 (aka Leica's Digilux 3) with a Leica Vario-Elmarit D
    14-50 mm (28-100mm) f2.8-3.5 zoom lens, and a Leica Summilux D 25mm (50mm) f1.4 lens.

  • Leica M - M8, then M9, then back to M8.2. See my Gear News blog posts for the sad tale of the M8.2. I have now sold my Leica Elmar-M 50mm f2.8 collapsible lens (last version, now regrettably discontinued) - a much under-rated lens, small, light, and very sharp. Funds needed to purchase T lenses!

  • Leica X-1 the earlier incarnation of the Leica X-2 digital "Compact" (in black). A brilliant camera made even better in the X2 variant! The X-2 had an EVF which also fitted the X Vario.

  • Fuji XE-1 with various lenses and M lens adapter. Now sold on due to various reasons, not the least its incompatibility with Lightroom.

  • Leica X Vario with its 18-46mm (28-70mm) f3.5-6.4 zoom non-interchangeable lens.

  • Leica T system Designed by Audi and with a body machined from a solid block of aluminium, this innovative camera uses a touch screen interface and has interchangeable AF lenses. I owned the three zoom lenses (11-32mm, 18-56mm, 55-135mm). There is also a 23mm f2 lens (equiv. to a 35mm standard lens).

    I process all my digital images using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, now on the Cloud, with several useful plug-ins (notably Silver Efex Pro and LR/Mogrify). It is also an excellent tool for Digital Asset Management. I print with an Epson Pro 3880, a first-rate printer, which enables me to produce up to A2 sized images.