Freedom to Photograph

Revised 22 November 2014
The freedom to take photographs in "public" places in the UK has been, and still is, under threat.
The threat of Terrorism and to a lesser extent paedophilia have been overtaken it seems by "Domestic Extremism" all of which have been used as excuses to limit the freedom to both publish reports on demonstrations and to take photographs legally. Combine this with the ever-expanding spaces which seem to be "public" but are actually privately owned and with "No photography" rules and it is becoming difficult to snap away freely as we used to.
Potentially the worst offenders are security guards who seem to be ill-trained and unaware of the law, so if you think you are in the right it is always worth challenging them if they seek to restrict your photography. It might waste a few hours of your time though!

Photographers, both amateur and professional, are however now mounting campaigns to bring this into the open and challenge any restrictions. Read about what can happen here . Write to your MP about these abuses - you can do so here.

This link gives a raft of information: I'm a Photographer, not a Terrorist!

On this site there are links to videos, a "Bust Card" which I recommend you carry around with you "just in case" and other useful information. Please add this link to your social networking site!

A critique of the latest from Ms May:
Open Rights Organisation on the latest proposals by our dear Home Secretary

You may also care to view this video Collateral Damage. And also this one Hostile Reconnaissance.

Here's an interesting general page on related topics - it's American, but..... :
End of Privacy

Happy snapping!