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19th October 2012
Right now, I'm in a considerable quandry!
I love my X2 - it has brilliant image quality with a focal length that is just right. But very occasionally a wider or longer focal length is needed. Oh, and for travel does one really want to be carting around huge heavy lumps of gear, even if they're Leica M with several lenses?
Some would say of course you do!
At my age I would say of course not, given the improvements in IQ over the last few years.
So what do I do?
Well to start with there's the D-Lux 6 due next month - this is very promising with its f1.4 lens, improved screen and EVF - so that's one possibility.
Then there's the Fuji XE-1 - same sensor size as the X2 - takes Leica lenses with an adapter so I would not have to throw away (some of) my lenses; and I could get a zoom. Well, I don't actually mean throw away of course, but sell them on.
Also there's the Olympus E-PL5, takes the same EVF as the X2, but it is m4/3, so all the M lenses will be twice their effective focal length - hmmm - needs thought.
Then of course I could always keep the "good user" M8.2 I have on generous loan from RDC, but that brings us full circle to the size/weight problem!
Add to that the fact that I would also love an a la carte X2, despite the rumours I hear about it and one has a right old mix-up!
Hey-ho, and watch this space once again.

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