This is s broad Group and a subject that I am interested in. In it you will find portfolios of images of interesting Airports visited, The Barbican, Serpentine Pavillions, various Open City weekends, and other architectural photographs. Shot using various types of camera and lenses, so not exclusively Leica.

 (Contains 12 photos)
Airports portfolio

Some of the more interesting airports of the world.

 (Contains 33 photos)
Barbican portfolio

A Grade II Listed Estate in the City of London.

 (Contains 1 photo)
Chamberlin, Powell & Bon portfolio

Other work by the architects of the Barbican

 (Contains 21 photos)
General portfolio

A collection of other architectural images.

 (Contains 17 photos)
Open City portfolio

A mid-September "must" for London area photographers.

 (Contains 5 photos)
Oscar Niemeyer portfolio

Oscar Niemeyer, still working in his 90s.

 (Contains 78 photos)
Serpentine Pavilion portfolio

The annual summer project by the Serpentine Gallery, London

 (Contains 32 photos)
The Vann Molyvann Project portfolio

Images of Vann Molyvann's major buildings in Phnom Penh.

 (Contains 0 photos)
Founded by Adrian Zecha, these Resorts are arguably amongst the best hotels in the world.