Leica X

23rd October 2014
Yesterday I took the plinge and bought a new Leica X (Type 113. Why on earth has Leica gone for such a silly system of type-numbering their latest series' of cameras e.g. T (Type 701); M (Type 240); X (Type 113) etc, etc. Not to say the confusion in dealers (not excluding Red Dot Cameras) when responding to an enquiry about the M-P or was that the M-240-P, sir (one film and the other digital)?

I was tempted by the f1.7 lens and as I don't usually shoot close the fact that the lens stops down to f2.8 under a meter or so this does not worry me. The extra stop and a bit will be useful.

The camera also comes in silver with a tan coloured "leather" but frankly to me it has the same problem as the earlier X2 - looks a bit "bling", the silver being just a bit too bright, unlike the real earleir silver chrome. Comes of being on plastic(?)I suppose.

It's too new to have any sample images yet and I"m waiting for a 43mm UV filter and wide lens hood to be delivered (being a bit cheap here and not buying the X Vario hood which fits).

I did hear a rumour that Leica were thinking about making 43 mm filters again (possibly also 52mm for the T), but as usual too late - they'll probably turn up in late 2016!

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