Other links

This page has links to sites related to my own interests, but which others might find useful and informative. (Links open in new pages)

Rangefound - Required reading! A superbly written blog on Photography, more specifically Leica Rangefinder Photography, and "Life as we know it". The collected essays are now available as a book - see the SALES link on the main menu.

Ming Thein's Photography Blog. A well written blog about various aspects of photography, not exclusively Leica.

The Serpentine Gallery. An annual architectural project in Hyde Park.

World Heritage Sites. A list of all the World Heritage sites from UNESCO.

The Vann Molyvann Project. Documenting Cambodia's threatened Modern Architectural Heritage.

Vann Molyvann Cambodia Vann Molyvann's Threatened Architecture. (Does not open in a new page).

KA Tours. A site detailing tours around Phnom Penh looking at numerous examples of modern Khmer Architecture.

FMKA's photostream. A Flickr site with photos of modern Khmer Architecture. Posted here until I can shoot my own!

Angkor Tour Guide. A recommended tour guide and/or driver if you visit Siem Reap.

London Organ Concert Guide. A listing of all organ recitals in and around London.

National Pipe Organ Register. Details of virtually all pipe organs in the UK.