Book Sales

Here you will find photography books by myself and others. They can all be bought via Blurb and the link is incorporated in the respective book titles. My upcoming task is to make these all available via Amazon.
1. My books.
1.1 Monochrome A book of selected B&W images taken between 2006 and 2014. A 64 page premium paper 10 x 8 book.

1.2 Reunification. A B&W photo essay on the Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, March 2013. Currently this is the 2nd edition of a 12 x 12 book of B&W images and is available on Blurb, and also as an ebook.

1.3 An Indecisive World. An 86 page 12" x 12" collection of colour images from around the world taken over the years with various cameras, mostly Leica.

1.4 Available both in colour "T" at the Summer Palace. and also in Black & white. A book of images shot at the Summer Palace, Beijing in September 2014 using the Leica T camera with the 18-56mm zoom lens. Also available as ebook and in PDF format.

1.5 Gods, Demons, Kings, & People; The Faces of Angkor. A book of black & white images shot around Angkor Wat & Siem Reap in 2009 & 2010 using Leica M8 & M9. Available as PDF and ebook.

1.6 The Barbican Perspective. (In progress, but somewhat delayed! - due in 2015).
1.7 Digilux 2. (Also in progress due 2015) A pean to this amazing Leica camera.

2. Books by others.

2.1 Leica User Forum Charity Book 2014. 107 Leica images in B&W and colour: another AICR donation book: £10 from the sale of every eBook and hard copy (due shortly) goes to this worthy cause.Leica User Forum Charity Book 2010. An AICR donation book. 140+ images shot using Leica cameras/lenses by LUF member photographers around the world. There is also another book in aid of AICR, The Leica User Forum Charity Book 2012.The Forum does not profit from either book, but £5 from every sale goes to AICR.

2.2 Rangefound. A gentleman amateur's guide to Rangefinder photography in the 21st century by Bill Palmer. This excellent, amusing but thoughtful book was only available on Amazon USA, but with a swift PM to Bill and it is now once again (Thanks, Bill!) available on Blurb in the UK.

2.3 Many Eyes, One Camera : 78 photographers celebrate Leica's first digial M camera, the M8. There is also Many Eyes 2011. A 150 page book of Leica images released 7/3/2011.